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Equipment Financing


  • Improves Cash Flow: When you establish your equipment lease with TSF, your cash isn’t tied up in the equipment. Instead, it’s free for other investments that will grow your business, produce income, and ensure the equipment you acquire earns profits.

  • Preserves Other Lines of Credit: Financing equipment with TSF means you’ll have the credit available (either from the bank or other sources) to take advantage of future opportunities.

  • Hedges against inflation: Your monthly payment remains the same over the term of the lease or loan. Dollars paid later in the term usually have less purchasing power than those paid at the beginning of the term…so you pay for today’s equipment needs with tomorrow’s lower-value dollars.

  • Provides 100% financing: Even “soft costs” such as training, shipping, installation, and maintenance agreements can usually be included. So you can rest easy knowing that these associated costs won’t disrupt your cash flow.

  • Simplifies business upgrades: Hiring additional workforce? Increasing efficiency? Additional equipment can easily be added to your existing loan or lease. Or, if you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition by staying ahead of technologies, the equity in your financed equipment can be applied toward the loan or lease of new equipment. These options solve the problems of obsolescence – and make your job easier.

  • Saves on taxes: Depending on the type of equipment lease you select, as much as 100% of your payments may be tax deductible.




For clients who want a longer term option, we can utilize equipment already owned. This allows for 2-5 year terms, lower interest overall and monthly payments. Qualifying equipment commonly used as assets includes IT related items, machinery and work vehicles.

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